Orthodontic Treatment/ Braces

Orthodontics,commonly known as braces, is done to reposition teeth in the mouth in order to achieve some objectives such as straightening teeth or closing gaps.It also helps with how you bite and improves your dental aesthetics.

During orthodontic treatment which usually last for 1.5 - 2.5 years, patients are required to come for regular checkups and adjustments to ensure that the desired result is achieved.

As a general guide, prices of braces from various insitution are below and they can be found directly from MOH website.

NDC 3,330 – 4,870

NUH 3,500 – 4,500

KTPH 3,600 – 4,200

  • all excluding consult & investigations fee.

There are two common type of braces, either metal or ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces but they are less visible, since the colour of the brackets are either clear or enamel rather than metal. The wire that runs through each bracket is also thinner. However, they are also more expensive.

Some discomfort should be expected during the initial treatment phase. The gums and teeth will need to get used to the extra bulk of the brackets and there may also be some rubbing and abrasions against the inner-cheek. Ulcer cream can be used to soothe the discomfort. Dental wax can also be placed on the brackets to protect the cheeks.  During subseuqent braces adjustment visits, patients may also experience some tightness but it should not be very painful. 


Most people will require braces in both upper and lower jaws to achieve a good bite and well aligned teeth.  Excellent oral hygiene will need to be maintained to prevent tooth decay and gum problems. Brushing and flossing may be quite difficult initially but you will get accustomed to this. Regular cleaning and polishing at the dentist will also be needed. Sticky or hard food can cause the bracket to drop off, loosen or break so they should be avoided. They may also bend the wires and bands which, causes additional stress on the braces.


Generally, it takes about 1.5 to 2.5 years to complete the treatment. Treatment duration depends on the type of orthodontic system choosen, complexity of the case, age, patient’s compliance and how fast the teeth move. Retainers will be required after braces and they are very important because they help to preserve and stabilize the new smile you received from the completed orthodontic treatment. Wearing your retainers help to limit the movement of teeth to their original position before the treatment.

*Exclude Extractions and Xrays

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